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GothCon XXIX 2005
Date March 25-27, 2005 Place Göteborg
Tournament Director Scoring System C-Diplo
Number of players 36 Number of rounds? Number of boards8
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Country Kind of Tournament

DateCountryName of the tournamentTypePlaceNbr PlayersNbr RoundsNbr BoardsFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.
2009-04-12GothCon XXXII 2009CUPGöteborg18Jakob OSKARSSON
2007-04-08GothCon XXXI 2007CUPGöteborg2447Geoff BACHE
2006-04-16GothCon XXX 2006CUP/NDCGöteborg34411Tommy LARSSON
2005-03-27GothCon XXIX 2005CUPGöteborg368Christian DREYER
2003-03-20GothCon XXVII 2003CUPGöteborg43Tommy LARSSON
2002-03-31GothCon XXVI 2002CUPGöteborg308Patrik CARLSSON
2001-04-15GothCon XXV 2001CUP/NDCGöteborg61Chetan RADIA
2000-04-23GothCon XXIV 2000CUPGöteborg339Niclas PEREZ
1999-04-04GothCon XXIII 1999CUPGöteborg237Tobias BENDE
1998-04-12GothCon XXII 1998CUPGöteborg154Henrik ANDERSSON
1997-03-30World DipCon VII 1997WDCGöteborg114548Cyrille SEVIN
1996-04-07GothCon XX 1996CUPGöteborg47Tomas Marceou LARSSON
1995-04-17Gothcon XIX 1995NDC/CUPGöteborg48Henrik ANDERSSON
1994-04-03GothCon XVIII 1994CUPGöteborg54Johannes NESSER
1993-04-01GothCon XVII 1993CUPGöteborg75Björn VON KNORRING
1992-04-19GothCon XVI 1992CUPGöteborg70Nils LINDEBERG
1991-03-31GothCon XV 1991CUPGöteborg42Roland ISAKSSON
1990-04-15GothCon XIV 1990CUPG√∂teborg49√Ėyvind WORMNAES
1989-03-26GothCon XIII 1989CUPGöteborg8Geir AASLID
1982-01-03GothCon VI 1982CUPGöteborgErik SWIATEK

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