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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2007-11-15###Deutsche e-mail Diplomacy Meisterschaft 2007ludomania.deNDC175
2007-11-11Fossombrone 2007FossombroneCUPCISD 13
2007-11-11XIVème DiploNam 2007NamurNDC/CUPTDB 14
2007-11-10Joutes du Téméraire 2007NancyCUP14
2007-11-04Borås Spelkonvent 25 2007BoråsNDC/CUPEGP 28
2007-11-04Carnage on the mountain 2007Lake MorayCUPNAGP 18
2007-10-28NK Voorronde Leeuwarden 2007LeeuwardenCUP7
2007-10-20Danmarksmesterskabet i Diplomacy 2007Østerskov EfterskoleCUP/NDCEGP 11
2007-10-14BADAss Whipping 2007OaklandCUPNAGP 27
2007-10-07Coupe du Dragon 2007MonsCUPTDB TDF 19
2007-10-07MilanCon IV 2007MilanNDCCDM CISD EGP 23
2007-10-07Tempest in a teapot IX 2007Falls Church, VirginiaCUPESW NAGP 41
2007-10-01Sydney Diplomacy Challenge 2007SydneyCUP13
2007-09-29Mind Sports Olympiad 2007PragueNDC7
2007-09-16Terni 2007TerniCUPCISD 17
2007-09-15NK Voorronde Utrecht 2007UtrechtCUP21
2007-09-10Euro DipCon XV 2007Marseille, îles du FrioulEDCCDM EGP TDF 53
2007-09-02Conquest 2007San FranciscoCUP25
2007-09-02Odyssée Metz 2007MetzCUPVCT 14
2007-08-28HessenCon 2007FrankfurtNDC/CUPEGP VCT 24
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