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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2024-02-24DBN Invitational 2024MASTERS29
2019-06-23???Chill out con 2019HannoverCUP
2018-06-03???Chill out con 2018HannoverCUP21
2017-05-14???Chill out con 2017HannoverCUP
2016-11-30###Deutsche e-mail Diplomacy Meisterschaft 2016ludomania.deNDC138
2016-05-29???Chill out con 2016HannoverCUP
2015-11-30###Deutsche e-mail Diplomacy Meisterschaft 2015ludomania.deNDC112
2015-05-03???Chill out con 2015HannoverCUP
2014-09-21BerliCon 2014BerlinNDCEGP 13
2014-06-01???Chill out con 2014HannoverCUP
2013-11-30###Deutsche e-mail Diplomacy Meisterschaft 2013ludomania.deNDC108
2013-11-24HessenCon 2013WaldkappelNDC/CUPEGP 8
2013-06-09Chill out con 2013HannoverCUP19
2012-10-14BerliCon 2012BerlinNDC/CUPEGP 10
2012-04-15Chill out con 2012HannoverCUP14
2011-11-30###Deutsche e-mail Diplomacy Meisterschaft 2011ludomania.deNDC123
2011-11-27HessenCon 2011WaldkappelCUP/NDC12
2011-09-18BerliCon 2011BerlinCUPEGP 12
2011-05-29Chill out con 2011HannoverCUP14
2011-03-27Varianten-Tage 2011WiesbadenCUP13

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