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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2003-04-06DomDipCup I 2003UtrechtCUPEGP 33
2003-03-22DipFest 2003PortlandCUP7
2003-03-20GothCon XXVII 2003GöteborgCUPSDR 43
2003-03-15Melbourne Leg 2003DublinCUPIGP 14
2003-03-02Coupe de Paris - Etape 2 2003ParisCUPCDP 13
2003-02-28MasterCon 10 2003AngleterreCUPEGP 13
2003-02-23Gauteng Championships I 2003JohannesburgCUP7
2003-02-23PrezCon 2003CharlottesvilleCUPESW NAGP 14
2003-02-16World DipCon XIII 2003DenverWDCNAGP 128
2003-02-08Stratagem 2003CalgaryNDCNAGP 21
2003-02-01Oxcon 2003OxfordCUP28
2003-01-19Dress Rehearsal Con - East 2003FultonCUP21
2003-01-19Old Edwardian/St Enda's Eagles Championships 2003JohannesburgCUP15
2003-01-18Dress Rehearsal Con - West 2003PortlandCUP15
2003-01-05Coupe de Paris - Etape 1 2003ParisCUPCDP 17
2003-01-01Cangames 2003OttawaCUP
2003-01-01First Strike I 2003CUP7
2002-12-29Kinkkucon 2002KuopioCUP15
2002-12-18###Deutsche e-mail Diplomacy Meisterschaft 2002ludomania.deNDC112
2002-12-14Nederland Kampioenschap 2002UtrechtNDC7
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