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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
1994-07-26Manorcon Intimate Diplomacy 1994BirminghamCUP8
1994-07-25World DipCon IV 1994BirminghamWDC133
1994-07-17ACT Championships 1994CanberraCUP24
1994-06-23Trophée Machiavel 1993ParisCUP7
1994-06-12Grand Prix de Bordeaux 1994BordeauxCUP23
1994-06-12New South Wales Championships 1994SydneyCUP26
1994-06-12Tournoi de l'Essonne 1994EvryCUP
1994-06-01Arcon X 1994OsloNDC70
1994-05-29Tournoi du Pourquoi Pas 1994Eragny-sur-OiseCUP35
1994-05-28Birmingham 1994BirminghamCUP14
1994-05-28FurryCon 1994BrightonCUP14
1994-05-23Euro DipCon II 1994LinköpingEDCSDR 120
1994-05-15Grand Prix de Caen 1994CaenCUP27
1994-05-15SydCon 1994LundCUPSDR 70
1994-05-08South Hampshire 1994South HampshireCUP14
1994-05-07SpiritCon 1994BurtonCUP7
1994-05-07Tournoi de Paris 1994ParisCUP44
1994-05-01Finale du Championnat d'Ile-de-France 1994ParisCUP
1994-05-01MittCon 1994OrnsköldsvikCUPSDR 40
1994-04-30Cambridge 1994CambridgeCUP13
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