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Boston Massacre 2003-07
AuthorMelissa Call et al Kind of systemCenter Count
((This is also the DAANZ system known as Detour 98F
Modified by Brandon Clarke from the Detour98e system which was itself modified by Bill Brown, John Cain and Tristan Lee from Ken Sproat's Detour system, March 1998)).))

• If you survive to 1905 then you get a point (whether you're eliminated later or not).
• If you are in the draw at the end of the game then you get a point.
• You get a point for every supply center you own.
• If you are in the outright lead then you get a bonus of the difference between you and the next best player.
• If you are first on the board you get 4 bonus points, if you are second you get 3 bonus points, if you are third you get 2 bonus points, if you're fourth you get 1 bonus point. (If there's a tie you get the points for the lower position -ie equal 2nd both get 2 bonus points)
• You add each person's points to get a raw score. The next step is to standardize the game. Divide each person's raw score with the sum of all the raw scores and then multiply by 100. This generates a percentage for everyone. So an entire game is worth 100 points and how much of those points that each person gets is determined points 1-5.
If you solo you get 110 points and everyone else gets *nothing*.

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