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Armada/Regetta Declining Centers
AuthorManus Hand Kind of systemDraw

104 points to a single victor
80 points to a participant in a two-way draw
56 points to a participant in a three-way draw
40 points to a participant in a four-way draw
32 points to a participant in a five-way draw
24 points to a participant in a six-way draw
16 points to a participant in a seven-way draw
0 points to a player achieving any other result
the above is LESS a number typically from 5-14 points based on what year the game ended in for winners or draw people. For survivors and eliminated then they get typically between 2 and 14 points for the effort.
Best 3 out 4 rounds count in sum of the points

Win by Concession or center count/
Declining centers were needed to win was experimented with for 3 years basically evolving to

need to win by 2 centers if less than 18 for a win
1901-07 18 centers
1908 17
1909 16
1910 15
1911 14
1913+ 13

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