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Origins 1992=>
AuthorDan Mathias Kind of systemDraw + Center Count
Origins is a combo of Draw and Lead. There is no time limit, rounds are Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings 6 PM. Voting is secret. 30 centers can pass a draw vote; a concession must be unanimous to the largest power of at least 13 centers. Results of earlier rounds are not posted. There is no top board or seeding. Country assignment is random, with each country played only once by a player during the tournament. Best 2 out of 3 rounds count for scoring.

Scoring recognizes results, centers, longevity, and a comparison of size relative to the other players. This is intended to encourage players to 'stick it out' in order to get a few more points, rather than just giving up. It also encourages players to kill, in order to get more dots for themselves for points and size comparisons. It discourages giving 'gifts' to other players because you are penalized in less dots and smaller size. Overall, I think it encourages all players to play their very best until they are either killed or have a victory. I think it also helps minimize cross-board and cross-round playing, a little.
It is very difficult to know exactly how many centers you need to get a best country, for example, unless you know what the dot count for each year was, on every other board. And with no time limit, players can play the game more like it was designed. Play your best, and the scoring system will reflect it.

For Origins 2003 a total of 200 points.
100 came from a percentage calculation, using the average number of dots, squared,
plus the number of game years played, divided by the total board points and
multiplied by 100.
The other 100 points went to the victors, divided evenly. ((So a 3 way draw gets 33.33 points as a bonus)).
So the formula is:
N=average dots. Y=number of game years played by the player. T=total number of points from the board (each N squared plus each Y). B=victory bonus.
<{[(N squared) + Y] / T}* 100> + B

For Origins 2007 the following was used:
<{[ N2+Y]/T*100>+B
N=Player’s average number of centers over the course of the game
Y= number of game years played
T= total of (N2+Y) for that game

B=Bonus points for
Winner 220 all others on the board get -5
2 way 100 points non draw survivors +1 point
3 way 50 points non draw survivors +1 point
4 way 25 points non draw survivors +1 point
5 way 12.5 non draw survivors +1 point
6 way -0- points non draw survivor gets 1 point
7 way no points, and the scorn of the tournament director

On average a typical game that ends in a 2 way draw with the two lead powers at 15 and 12 will net the lead player about 139 points or so

A player may only call one vote a year.
Votes are taken off the clock.
Draws must have 23 centers amongst the drawing players to be voted on.
Concessions must be unanimous and the player must have at least 14 centers and one more than anyone else on the board.
Votes may not take place until Spring 1906.
For the period prior to 2008 the draw votes may be passed by a combination of players having 30 centers. From 2008 it must be unanimous.

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