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WackyCon Version 1
AuthorJake Mannix Kind of system
At the start of each game, everyone antes 10% of their current score to the pot. At the end of the game, if someone solos, they get it all, everyone else gets zero. If the game ends in a draw, then each player in the draw takes out 5% of the pot to start with (no matter how big the draw is), and people who survived to the end but voted themselves out of the draw take 1% of the pot each.
The rest of the pot is divided up among the players in the following way: the formula below tells you the "raw score" of a player, given their performance in the game. This raw score determines what portion of the remaining pot goes to them - if Player A had a raw score of 10, Player B had 20, and Player C had 30, and the pot had 50 points left in it (after the percentages from the above paragraph were taken out), then Player A would get 50 * [10/(10+20+30)] = 8.33 of the 50, Player B would get twice that, and player C would get three times that. The raw score formula is, for someone who ended the game with S supply centers, and was, at the end of the game, ahead of N_s other players in the supply center counts, who had a maximum supply center count over the whole game of M (S may often equal M), which when compared to everyone else's maximum supply center count was greater than N_m of them, and who survived for Y years, gets a raw score of:
Raw Score = [S * (N_s + 1)] + [(1/5) * M * (N_m + 1)] + Y

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