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Board Game Championship
AuthorDon Del Grande Kind of systemDraw + Center Count

The scoring system will be:
180 points for a win
6 per Supply Center for a 2-way draw (for example, having 15 SCs in a 2-way draw is worth 15 x 6 = 90 points)
4 per SC for a 3-way draw
3 per SC for a 4-way draw
2.4 per SC for a 5-way draw
2 per SC for a 6-way draw
1.7 per SC for a 7-way draw
1 per SC for not being part of a win/draw
Each player's top two rounds count as their total tournament score. There is no bonus for playing in all three rounds, other than being able to ignore your lowest score.

There will be three rounds, held one round per day starting in the morning. Each round will have a time limit of at least six hours of actual play, but every attempt will be made to end each round no later than eight hours after the scheduled start time, so players can make plans to enter other events. Players may participate in any or all rounds, although if you are serious about doing well in the event, playing in at least two rounds is strongly recommended.

Spring 1901 will be 25 minutes; all other Spring and Fall turns will be 15 minutes. The last two minutes of each turn will be for order writing only, and no further negotiations that turn will be allowed. Players will be allowed to modify the time limit for each turn, provided it does not exceed 15 minutes (25 for Spring 1901), except for one 30-minute extension for a meal break per game if the players decide to do so.

Sometime after six hours after a round's games start, the GM will announce to each table that the next Fall turn will be the last turn of the game. If the players finish without agreeing on a win or draw, the GM will declare a result based on the players' positions. The details are on the website, but it is along these lines: if a player has at least 12 supply centers, at least three more than the second player, and more than the second and third players combined, it is a win; otherwise, it is a draw among the smallest number of players who have at least 21 SCs combined and the lowest number has at least as many SCs as the two highest not in the draw combined.

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