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Kinzett Rating System
AuthorNick Kinzett Kind of systemDraw
The rating system used at ManorCon in 1986 for both the team tournament and the individual tournament.

Games were played to a 1912 limit in the team tournament and 1909 in the individual, with individual scores from the team tournament counting towards the individual tournament. All games were DIAS.

Winners are awarded 2 Primary Points and all participants in any draw 1 Primary Point each. The winner of the team tournament was the team with most Primary Points (ties split by Secondary Points) and the winner of the individual tournament was the player with the most Primary Points, again ties being split by Secondary Points.

Secondary Points were based on what may be thought of as strength relative to a potential win. Where n = supply centre count, 100 points were divided between the surviving players' in the ratios given by the following f(n) = 0.5*(n2 + n) + 4. (Non-surviving players' shares were added into the divisor although their share of the 100 points was ignored: instead they received 0.1 point for each year survived.)

The practical upshot of the Secondary Point formula was that each gain in centre count rendered a greater gain in Secondary Points than the step before and thus a corresponding loss if any other player should make a greater gain in center count than you did. Thus in a 17-16-1 situation, the player with 17 --- presumably stuck on a stalemate line --- would actually lose Secondary Points were he to support the 16-player into the other's last centre. Essentially, you lose out in Secondary Points unless you take the lion's share of any victim's holdings.

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