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C-Diplo Argir
AuthorBruno-André Giraudon & Vincent Archer Kind of systemRank
  • If there is a solo.
    The player who solos (has 18 centers or more) scores 93 points. The other player score 1 point.

  • If there is no solo.
    - Each player scores 1 point for participated.
    - Each player scores 1 point per centre owned.
    - The player who has the most centres scores 37 points.
    - The second player who has the most centres scores 14 points.
    - The Third player who has the most centres scores 7 points.

    In case of tied, the players shared the points given for the rank.

    The sum of the score of players is 99.

    The score is modified in function of the players met and the country played. The exact calculation was done by a program written by Vincent Archer.

    CountryNb centresScore
    Austia4 c.1+4=5
    England0 c.1+0=1
    France9 c.1+9+38=48
    Germany7 c.1+7+(14+7)/2=18.5
    Italy7 c.1+7+(14+7)/2=18.5
    Russia3 c.1+3=4
    Turkey4 c.1+4=5
    Total34 c.100
    CountryNb centresScore
    Austria5 c.1+5+(7)/2=9.5
    England9 c.1+9+38=48
    France4 c.1+4=5
    Germany5 c.1+5+(7)/2=9.5
    Italy3 c.1+3=4
    Russia1 c.1+1=2
    Turkey7 c.1+7+14=22
    Total34 c.100

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