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C-Diplo de Namur (18centres)
AuthorLei Saarlainen, modified by Jacob Madamour Kind of systemRank + Center Count
Due to an error on the website 18centres, a modified version of C-Diplo de Namur was born.

  • A player does a solo (18 centres or more)
    The player who solos scores (1+44+38)=83 points. The other players have no point.

  • Nobody does a solo
    - Each player scores 1 point for participated.
    - Each player scores points depending on the number of centres owned at the end of the game.
    Nb centres01234567891011121314151617
    Nb points059121415161718192021222324252627

    - The player who has the most centres scores 38 points.
    - The second player who has the most centres scores 14 points.
    - The Third player who has the most centres scores 7 points.

    In case of tied, the players shared the points given for the rank.

    CountryNb centresScore
    Austria4 c.1+14=15
    England0 c.1+0=1
    France9 c.1+19+38=58
    Germany7 c.1+17+(14+7)/2=28.5
    Italy7 c.1+17+(14+7)/2=18.5
    Russia3 c.1+12=13
    Turkey4 c.1+14=15
    Total34 c.159
    CountryNb centresScore
    Austria5 c.1+15+(7)/2=19.5
    England9 c.1+19+38=58
    France4 c.1+14=15
    Germany5 c.1+15+(7)/2=19.5
    Italy3 c.1+12=13
    Russia1 c.1+5=6
    Turkey7 c.1+17+14=32
    Total34 c.163

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