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Tournament's reports

Tempest in a teapot 2001
by Andy Marshall

Best Countries Awards The best team is ... And the winner is ...

Best Countries

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Best Austria
Tom Kobrin
2-Way Draw, 14 Centers

Best England
Ike Porter
2-Way Draw, 13 Centers

Best France
Thomas Pasko
Solo Victory

Best Germany
Chris Martin
Solo Victory

Best Italy
Steve Emmert
3-Way Draw, 14 Centers

Best Russia
Andy Bartalone
3-Way Draw, 13 Centers

Best Turkey
Brad Stuart
3-Way Draw, 14 Centers


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Bill McHale Dead Meat Award
Ken Samuel
Three Eliminations

Dr. Chris Kulander Clown Prince of Diplomacy Award
Tim Richardson
Total Goofball

Rob Cochran/Tim Richardson (and Their Livers) Golden Bottle Award
Doug Faust
Drunken Sailor

Rusty Blade
Andy Bartalone
Premature Stabulation

Golden Blade
Thomas Pasko
Six Centers in One Turn

The best team is ...

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Team Tournament
Brian Lee, Grant Flowers, Simon Szykman
98 Points

And the winner is ...

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Seventh Place
Jerry Fest
97.667 Points

Sixth Place
Grant Flowers
99 Points

Fifth Place
Sean "Blue" Cable
132.667 Points

Fourth Place
Thomas Pasko
151 Points

Third Place
Chris Martin
152 Points

Second Place
David Hood
157.083 Points

First Place
Tom Kobrin
271.167 Points

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