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YearName of the circuitNbr PlayersNbr of stepsFinished
2001North American Grand Prix16634Yes
2006Tour de France24520Yes
2005Tour de France27517Yes
2002North American Grand Prix17117Yes
2003North American Grand Prix21316Yes
2008North American Grand Prix27515Yes
2004European Grand Prix47215Yes
2007European Grand Prix27214Yes
2006European Grand Prix34014Yes
2004North American Grand Prix30514Yes
2000North American Grand Prix12514Yes
2005European Grand Prix36413Yes
2005North American Grand Prix23413Yes
2007North American Grand Prix27012Yes
2006North American Grand Prix20012Yes
2012North American Grand Prix20211Yes
2009European Grand Prix17511Yes
2009North American Grand Prix23311Yes
2008European Grand Prix20711Yes
2003European Grand Prix34911Yes
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