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YearCountryName of the leaguePlaceNbr PlayersNbr BoardsFinished
2000New Zealand Club GameNew Zealand6028Yes
2000New Zealand Club No Press GameNew Zealand186Yes
1999Diplomacy Club of Canberra ChampionshipCanberra109Yes
1999League of the Cambridge Diplomacy SocietyCambridgeNo
1999New Zealand Club GameNew Zealand7030Yes
1999New Zealand Club No Press GameNew Zealand278Yes
1998Diplomacy Club of Canberra ChampionshipCanberra149Yes
1998League of the Cambridge Diplomacy SocietyCambridgeNo
1998New Zealand Club GameNew Zealand4315Yes
1997Diplomacy Club of Canberra ChampionshipCanberra2112Yes
1997League of the Cambridge Diplomacy SocietyCambridge3116Yes
1997New Zealand Club GameNew Zealand71Yes
1996Diplomacy Club of Canberra ChampionshipCanberra2412Yes
1995Chicago GameChicago71Yes
1995Diplomacy Club of Canberra ChampionshipCanberra3119Yes
1994Chicago GameChicago184Yes
1994Diplomacy Club of Canberra ChampionshipCanberra3919Yes
1993Chicago GameChicago92Yes
1993Diplomacy Club of Canberra ChampionshipCanberra2911Yes
1992Chicago GameChicago92Yes
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