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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2012-06-02Origins 2012ColumbusCUP32
2012-05-27Dixie 26 2012Chapel HillCUPNAGP 23
2012-05-27KublaCon 2012BurlingameCUP12
2012-05-13Euro DipCon XX 2012San MarinoEDC/NDCEGP 36
2012-05-06BADAss Whipping 2012San FranciscoCUPNAGP 12
2012-04-28Joutes Occitanes de Diplomacy 2012ToulouseCUPTDF 10
2012-04-28Victorian Championships 2012MelbourneCUP9
2012-04-22CODCon Open 2012Glen EllynCUPCSH NAGP 21
2012-04-15Anjou Feu VIII 2012AvrilléCUPTDF 15
2012-04-15Chill out con 2012HannoverCUP14
2012-04-15Kent Kon I 2012KentCUPBRIT 12
2012-02-19Coppa Garibaldi 2012CannesCUPTDF 13
2012-02-05TempleCon 2012Providence, RICUPNAGP NE 13
2012-01-29WAC 9 2012SeattleCUPNAGP 45
2011-12-03Italian Diplomacy Masters 2011FossombroneMASTERS7
2011-11-30###Deutsche e-mail Diplomacy Meisterschaft 2011ludomania.deNDC123
2011-11-27HessenCon 2011WaldkappelCUP/NDC12
2011-11-27MilanCon VII 2011MilanNDCCISD 27
2011-11-13Euro DipCon XIX 2011DerbyEDC/NDCBRIT EGP 33
2011-11-12Weasel Royale 2011Downers GroveMASTERS7
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