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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2020-12-05League-Windy City Wessels 2020Virtual League - Windy City Wessels 53
2020-11-08Virtual-Carnage 2020Virtual Tournament - NewEngland CommunityCUP50
2020-10-18Virtual-Tempest 2020Virtual Tournament - Potomac Tea & Knive SocietyCUP41
2020-10-05n.c.Online Diplomacy Championship 2019 2020Correspondance Tournament - Webdiplomacy Community129
2020-09-06Championnat de Suisse 2020Championnat National - SionNDC9
2020-09-06Virtual-Weasel Moot 2020Virtual Tournament - Windy City WesselsCUP62
2020-08-01Virtual-Liberty Cup 2020Virtual Tournament - Potomac Tea & Knive SocietyCUP82
2020-06-21virtual-Boston Massacre 2020Virtual Tournament - NewEngland CommunityCUP60
2020-06-10n.c.Nexus Full Press Season 4 2020Correspondance Tournament - Nexus Communauty128
2020-06-06Hong Kong Game 2020FtF Game - Hong Kong9
2020-05-24virtual-Dixiecon 2020Virtual Tournament - Carolina Amateur DiplomatCUP82
2020-04-05virtual-Coronacon 2020Virtual Tournament - Italian CommunityCUP22
2020-04-01BPA e-mail Diplomacy 2020Correspondance Tournament - BPA communityCUP28
2020-03-15MaccCon 2020MacclesfieldCUP8
2020-03-15Poppycon 2020MelbourneCUP10
2020-03-11Bangkok games 2020BangkokCUP9
2020-02-25The Boroughs 2020BostonCUP16
2020-02-16GUD Con 2020WashingtonCUP29
2020-02-05n.c.Nexus Full Press Season 3 2019Correspondance Tournament - Nexus Communauty130
2020-01-26Cascadia Open 2020VancouverCUP27
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