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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2001-07-01World Boardgaming Championships 2001Hunts ValleyCUPNAGP 44
2001-06-24Arcon XVII 2001OsloCUP18
2001-06-24The New Zealand Club Championship 2001AucklandCUP7
2001-06-22Armada Club Game 3 2001DenverOPENNAGP 7
2001-06-17PTKS Club Game 3 2001WashingtonOPENNAGP 9
2001-06-11New South Wales Championships 2001SydneyCUPBIS 33
2001-06-03DipFest I 2001PortlandCUPNAGP 13
2001-06-02Armada Club Game 2 2001DenverOPENNAGP 7
2001-05-27Dixie 15 2001Chapel HillCUPNAGP 25
2001-05-27KublaCon 2001OaklandCUPNAGP 11
2001-05-27LinCon 2001LinköpingCUPSDR 37
2001-05-26Vancouver Club Game 3 2001VancouverOPENNAGP 7
2001-05-12Armada Club Game 1 2001DenverOPENNAGP 7
2001-05-06Queensland Championships 2001BrisbaneCUPBIS 8
2001-05-06San Marino Con 2001San MarinoNDC21
2001-05-01FinDipCon III 2001HelsinkiNDC19
2001-04-22CoBra 01 2001BrasíliaNDC18
2001-04-22PTKS Club Game 2 2001WashingtonOPENNAGP 7
2001-04-21Portland Club Game 1 2001PortlandOPENNAGP 14
2001-04-16Victorian Championships 2001MelbourneCUPBIS 31
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