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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
1987-09-01NK Voorronde Leyde 1987LeydeCUP
1987-09-01Pacificon 1987San MateoCUP49
1987-08-02PeeriCon VII 1987San DiegoCUP
1987-07-05ManorCon 05 1987BirminghamCUP160
1987-07-05Origins 1987BaltimoreCUP88
1987-06-08LinCon IV 1987LinköpingCUP
1987-06-07DipCon 20 1987Madison, WIDIPCON52
1987-05-01Dixie 01 1987Chapel HillCUP24
1987-03-29IIIème Championnat de France 1987ParisNDC72
1987-03-01Ier Congrès des Traîtres 1987Levallois-PerretCUP31
1987-02-01NK Voorronde Groningen 1987GroningenCUP
1987-01-01Australian Championships 1987SydneyNDC24
1987-01-01Championnat de Suisse 1987La Chaux-de-FondsNDC10
1987-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1987MilwaukeeCUP
1987-01-01Österreich Meisterschaft 1987VienneNDC21
1986-12-31Diplomacy World Dragon's Teeth 1986Correspondance Games100
1986-12-08IIème Masters de diplomacy 1986AJTCUP15
1986-11-23Euro Con 1986Den HaagEDC7
1986-11-22Nederland Kampioenschap 1986Den HaagNDC7
1986-11-01MidCon 1986BirminghamNDC66
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