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CODCon Open 2007

Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Everybody is here? Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 During the Heat
Saturday Evening
Sunday Morning

Everybody is here?

"- Everything is here ?
- Yes, I think so!"

"- Complete the form for the registration!"

The Milwaukee Mafia : "- Oh great, we will play our first tournament!"

Jim is now ready to launch the first round!

Board 1

Heat 1 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaMatt SUNDSTROM4 c.D6504
EnglandPaul WINDSOR11 c.D61421
FranceGreg DUENOW10 c.D61102
GermanyLaurent JOLY1 c.D6205
ItalyJim COLLINS0 c.L47
RussiaAlex WYLER1 c.D6205
TurkeyGrant SMITH7 c.D6803
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Matt Sundstrom and Grant Smith tries to find an agreement...

Jim Collins is very concentrated.

Greg Duenow and Paul Windsor aka the stabbers' team!

Grant Smith and Alex Wyler found an agreement and was very happy!

Everybody was thinking around the board.

My best enemy is sometimes my best ally. The good example : Grant and Matt

After adjustment 1903 : Western triple in a good way

After adjustment 1904 : The western stabb

After adjustment 1905 : Defense!

After adjustment 1906 : England stopped

After adjustment 1907 : Goodbye French Albania!

After adjustment 1908 : Tyrol always free

End of game (1909) : Germany survived without unit and with Vienna!

Board 2

Heat 1 Board 2
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaNick ROHN5 c.D4653
EnglandJames BARR12 c.D41351
FranceBert SCHOOSE12 c.D41351
GermanyBill SMALL0 c.L47
ItalyCooper HEINZ0 c.L95
RussiaMike FRENCH5 c.D4653
TurkeyPaul PIGNOTTI0 c.L66
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Around the board : Bert Schoose, James Barr, Mike French, Nick Rohn, Cooper Heinz, Paul Pignotti (sat).

They're waiting Paul who finishes to write his orders. We can see around this board : Paul Pignotti (sat), Bert Schoose, James Barr, Nick Rohn, Cooper Heinz (sat).

Everybody seem to be very concentrated, but Mike French arrives to disturb them!

What's this ?

You know, you can smile!!

Mike supervises Cooper who is reading the orders

Board 3

Heat 1 Board 3
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaBrett SMITH5 c.D758.573
EnglandChristian KLINE2 c.D728.575
FranceMike SULLIVAN6 c.D768.572
GermanyErica ALEMDAR1 c.D718.576
ItalyThom COMSTOCK4 c.D748.574
RussiaAndrew BARTLEIN15 c.D7188.571
TurkeyT. H.1 c.D718.576
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Around the board : Thom Comstock (and his cap), Andrew Bartlein, Brett Smith, Thatcher Hallock and Erica Alemdar.

Brett is waiting for Thom who is negociating with Andrew.

Mike and Erica negociate very seriously.

Christian Kline doesn't lose his habit : he smiles!

During the heat

During the heat, we can see people more interested by another board than their. For example, here, Mike Sulivan came to see the board 1.

The invasion starts!!

Damned.... Luke, luke, where are you????

During the CODCon, there are other games.

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