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CODCon Open 2007

Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Evening
Sunday Morning
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3

Board 1

Heat 3 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaJohn FRANGIAS0 c.L86
EnglandMatt SUNDSTROM14 c.D51801
FranceT. H.11 c.D51222
GermanyThom COMSTOCK3 c.D5424
ItalyPaul PIGNOTTI0 c.L57
RussiaJim O'KELLEY2 c.D5325
TurkeyJeremiah PETERSON4 c.D5523
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Around the board : Thom Comstock, Paul Pignotti (hidden), Jeremiah Peterson (standing), Matt Sundstrom (standing) and John Frangias (reading).

Matt is reading and Jeremiah is moving the units.

Board 2

Heat 3 Board 2
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaBlake WARD1 c.D5224
EnglandLaurent JOLY0 c.L57
FranceBill SMALL10 c.D51122
GermanyBert SCHOOSE11 c.D51441
ItalyChristian KLINE6 c.D5723
RussiaJim COLLINS0 c.L66
TurkeyPaul WINDSOR6 c.D5723
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Around the board : Christian Kline, Jim Collins, Paul Windsor, Bert Schoose and Blake Ward.

After adjustment 1901 : Do you see the Russian fleet in Armenia ?

After adjustment 1902 : England under attack!

After adjustment 1903 : The French invasion in England succeeds

After adjustment 1904 : Russia and Italy shared Austria between themselves

After adjustment 1905 : England is dead and Austria has only 1 center!

Board 3

Heat 3 Board 3
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaJim O'KELLEY0 c.L46
EnglandMike FRENCH12 c.D51561
FranceJeremiah PETERSON4 c.D5524
GermanyKory MULCAHEY0 c.L46
ItalyGreg DUENOW2 c.D5325
RussiaLaurent JOLY5 c.D5623
TurkeyErica ALEMDAR11 c.D51222
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Around the board : the cap of Mike French, Jim O'Kelley, Erica Alemdar, Greg Duenow and Kory Mulcahey.

Jeremiah arrives from the other board and Jim goes to it.

After adjustment 1901 : Uh, Munich is French!

After adjustment 1902 : Austria and Germany are now in difficult

After adjustment 1903 : And now, Munich is Austrian!

After adjustment 1904 : 5 players on the board (France and England against Italy, Russia and Turkey)

After adjustment 1905 : And now, Munich is Russian. The beer's fest continues!

After adjustment 1906 : Russia missed his stab against Turkey

After adjustment 1907 : For Greg, grab mode is on!

After adjustment 1908 : the perfect alliance between Russia and Turkey

After adjustment 1909 : Russia lets two free centers for Turkey, but it's useless for the first place.

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