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CODCon Open 2007

Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Evening
We can start? Board 1 Board 2 Board 3
Sunday Morning

We can start?

Jim's working to prepare this round.

Oh, that's beautiful!

After that, who can say that you don't want to play to diplomacy?

Board 1

Heat 2 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaGrant SMITH0 c.L85
EnglandErica ALEMDAR10 c.D41152
FranceNick ROHN12 c.D41591
GermanyPaul WINDSOR0 c.L85
ItalyVincente CHENG0 c.L67
RussiaCooper HEINZ4 c.D4554
TurkeyThom COMSTOCK8 c.D4953
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Erica : "-Oh, Jesus!"

Around the board : Vincente Cheng, Grant Smith and Cooper Heinze.

Paul Windsor is reading the orders far from the board. Perhaps he screams the orders.

What are they looking for ?

Oh, ok! Vincente, Thom, Cooper, Paul and Grant are negotiating together!

Where are Thom and Cooper? Dead?

Oh no, Thom and Cooper are still alive!

Erica try to negotiate with Paul.

What's beautiful pen!

Go turkey, Goooo!

Only one unit???

He didn't win the price for the beautiful writing.

What is Der??? Oh yes!! Den => Denmark! Pay attention, Erica!

And now, the board. Which papers was missing ?

Grant is reading the orders.

Jim arrived to support Erica, but she doesn't need it!

Thom seems to be asleep. Don't wake him up!

Erica is thinking! Yes, yes, she can do it!

Erica : "-And what can happen on StP?"

Board 2

Heat 2 Board 2
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaEric BROWN9 c.D41051
EnglandJim COLLINS9 c.D41051
FrancePaul PIGNOTTI8 c.D4953
GermanyChristian KLINE0 c.L75
ItalyAndrew BARTLEIN8 c.D4953
RussiaAlex KING0 c.L66
TurkeyGreg DUENOW0 c.L57
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Paul asks for help to God.

Be careful, it's Greg!

Andrew : "-Yes, yes, I know that I talk to Greg!"

On the board : Christian Kline, Alex King et Eric Brown.

Paul Pignotti and Jim Collins are negotiating.

Everybody seems to be very concentrated on the board.

Eric is reading, Christian is moving the units and Andrew is thinking "Oh my God".

Even Christian doesn't laugh. It seems to be very boring.

It's time to read on the two boards.

Jim said : "-Everybody stands up"

Board 3

Heat 2 Board 3
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaDan BURGESS6 c.L307
EnglandAlex WYLER0 c.L97
FranceLaurent JOLY0 c.L47
GermanyMike FRENCH18 c.W4501
ItalyT. H.7 c.L357
RussiaMike SULLIVAN0 c.L67
TurkeyBrett SMITH3 c.L157
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How to convince someone to jump out the window, by Mike French.

Alex Wyler is writing his orders, while Brett Smith looks at the board.

It's interesting!

Show me your orders!

Well, what is written here?

Mike : "- So, it is moved like that!"

Matt Shields looks at this interesting board and Mike tries to hypnotise Dan.

After adjustment 1901 : Everything seems quiet

After adjustment 1902 : Germany leads Italy and England against France

After adjustment 1903 : France is always here

After adjustment 1904 : Goodbye France!

After adjustment 1905 : Germany is now very strong, who want stop it ?

After adjustment 1909 : How can they stop Mike ?
(White and Black owned to Germany)

After adjustment 1910 : As I announced it in 1903, Germany wins!
(White and Black owned to Germany)

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