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Prezcon 2007

Day 1 : Friday
The Prezcon will start Board 1 Board 2 During the Heat
Day 2 : Saturday
Day 3 : Sunday

The Prezcon will start

Everybody is there and ready for fight. Around this table, we have Andy Bartalone, Chris Barfield and Roy Rink.

The new job of David is ... bellboy.

Tim is working. The games will start soon.

About what speak players of diplomacy? About policy of course!

The "Chris Express", the fastest means of transport of the hotel.

Let's go. This is the last recommendations of Tim.

We immediately recognize the good and the bad pupils. It isn't interesting what Tim explains???

Board 1

CountryFirst Name NAMESCsDrawScoreRank
AutricheCarl WILLNER0 c.L07
AngleterreDavid MALETSKY10 c.D442.441
FranceChris BARFIELD7 c.D431.692
AllemagneLaurent JOLY1 c.S07
ItalieChris MARTIN4 c.S07
RussieSeth VAUGHN7 c.D431.692
TurquieEdward PREM5 c.D430.194
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ED and Carl in discussion in front of the map.

David and Chris speak about the best manner of killing me.

From left to right : Seth, Ed, Carl, Chris M.(who prefers speak with Tim rather than to read again his orders), Chris B. and David's knee.

Everybody wants my centers ...

Let us flee...

Sorry Carl, but I prefer to remain hidden behind Chris.

They continue to hunt me.

My last step is Venice. Which beautiful travel I've made.

Board 2

CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaClaude WORRELL0 c.L07
EnglandSteve EMMERT14 c.D353.51
FranceJeff LADD0 c.L07
GermanyRoy RINK0 c.L07
ItaliaAndy BARTALONE2 c.S07
RussiaDoug MOORE10 c.D3422
TurkeyMike CANNON8 c.D340.53
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Roy and Steve negotiate.

That is tiring all these discussions... Andy and Mike won't tell you the opposite!

Around the board from left to right : Mike, Roy, Steve, Claude, Andy, Doug and Jeff.

Andy in full reflexion. But, what will I make???

What will I make???

With an Italian army in Sweden, it isn't easy to decide!

During the Heat

Ike concentrates in front of the computer.

It isn't that we are bored, but if we made a game while we are waiting for the end of the games.

Here what the referees do, while we're playing. ;-)

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