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Tournament's reports

Prezcon 2007

Day 1 : Friday
Day 2 : Saturday
It's poker time Board 1 Board 2 During the Heat
Day 3 : Sunday

It's poker time

The final : Ike vs Chris

And the winner is ... Chris.

Tim prepares the second heat.

Board 1

CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaIke PORTER0 c.L07
EnglandEdward PREM12 c.D4431
FranceClaude WORRELL0 c.L07
GermanyDoug MOORE10 c.D4332
ItaliaSteve EMMERT9 c.D432.253
RussiaJeff LADD0 c.L07
TurkeyLaurent JOLY3 c.D427.754
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Steve Emmert, Italy

Jeff Ladd, Russia

Claude Worrell, France

Doug Moore, Germany

Ike Porter, Austria

Edward Prem, England

The good relationship between France and Germany.

One hunter and two targets!

I'm happy, I've 4 centers.

The western triple is on the good way.

My little turkey with only 2 centers (CON and SMY). :(

I'm sorry, Jeff, but I'm going to kill you ;-)

Jeff is too nice, he lets me Ankara.

Western triple, are you sure?

I'm back!!!

I try to help you, Jeff.

Doug tries to find the best manner to kill the Turkey.

Yes, I've lost Smyrna and the Bulgaria, but I've taken the Greece!! I'll survive!
"At first, I was afraid, I was petrified,
Kept thinkin' I could never live without you by my side;
But then I spent so many nights,
Thinkin' how you did me wrong
And I grew strong, and I learned how to get along.

I will survive

But where are France, Russia and Austria???

Always with 3 centers. It isn't so easy to kill me!

I want a four-way draw and nothing else. And you ?

Fall 1910 : Everybody agrees with the 4-way draw. Steve will give Tunis to Ed.

Doug votes against the draw. It isn't a problem, Steve and I will attack him!

It's finished. With only 3 centers, I'm in the draw! I've succeeded.

Board 2

CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaChris BARFIELD0 c.L07
EnglandChris MARTIN10 c.D433.382
FranceSeth VAUGHN0 c.L07
GermanyAndy BARTALONE2 c.S07
ItaliaRob LINK3 c.D428.133
RussiaChristian PEDONE2 c.D427.384
TurkeyRoy RINK17 c.D447.131
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What happened?

Chris reads the orders.

Around the board from left to right : Christian, Chris B., Roy, Chris M., Rob, Andy (standing) and Seth.

Roy seems to be very happy!

It's time to write his orders!

Win or not win? That's the question!

They are cute, aren't they?

Let us hide under the staircases to be quieter.

During the Heat

A good manner to wait for the end of the first board.

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