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DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeRound / BoardCountryRankSCsScore
2022-03-13Virtual Diplomacy League 2022R 1 B 3Austria22ex8c.57
2022-02-26DBN Invitational 2022MASTERSR 3 B 2Austria720270
2022-02-26DBN Invitational 2022MASTERSR 1 B 2Austria116c.160
2022-01-29Virtual Cascadia 2022CUPR 2 B 1Germany6 (L)19080.7
2022-01-29Virtual Cascadia 2022CUPR 1 B 2France1 (D5)10c.30.3502
2022-01-15Virtual Diplomacy League 2021R 9 B 2Italy28c.0
2022-01-15Virtual Diplomacy League 2021R 9 B 4Germany32ex7c.52
2022-01-15Virtual Diplomacy League 2021R 8 B 3Austria45c.42
2022-01-15Virtual Diplomacy League 2021R 8 B 4Germany52ex1c.26
2022-01-15Virtual Diplomacy League 2021R 7 B 3England29c.53
2022-01-15Virtual Diplomacy League 2021R 6 B 2Germany44c.36
2022-01-15Virtual Diplomacy League 2021R 5 B 3Austria22ex8c.57
2022-01-15Virtual Diplomacy League 2021R 5 B 6Italy22ex7c.54
2022-01-15Virtual Diplomacy League 2021R 2 B 5Austria61c.27
2022-01-15Virtual Diplomacy League 2021R 1 B 5France210c.63
2021-12-19Virtual Diplomacy Championship 2021WDCR 6 B 2Germany52ex2c.50
2021-12-19Virtual Diplomacy Championship 2021WDCR 5 B 3France12ex12c.174
2021-12-19Virtual Diplomacy Championship 2021WDCR 3 B 2England12ex9c.144
2021-12-19Virtual Diplomacy Championship 2021WDCR 2 B 3Austria62ex20275
2021-12-05League - Windy City Weasels 2021R 9 B 2Italy46c.16.2
2021-11-06Dipcon 2021DIPCON/CUPR 3 B 2France27c.5507
2021-11-06Dipcon 2021DIPCON/CUPR 2 B 3Italy13ex7c.6007
2021-11-06Dipcon 2021DIPCON/CUPR 1 B 3Russia45c.4005
2021-09-04virtual Weasel Moot 2021CUPR 1 B 4Austrian.c.0c.0
2021-07-25Virtual Tournament-Summer Classic 2021CUPR 6 B 1Austria50c.4.5
2021-07-25Virtual Tournament-Summer Classic 2021CUPR 5 B 1Russia114c.218
2021-07-25Virtual Tournament-Summer Classic 2021CUPR 3 B 2France36c.90
2021-06-27Virtual Massacre 2021CUPR 3 B 2Italy54c.10.91
2021-06-27Virtual Massacre 2021CUPR 2 B 3Germany719041
2021-05-30Virtual-Dixiecon 2021CUPR 3 B 5Russia12ex7c.103.667
2021-05-30Virtual-Dixiecon 2021CUPR 2 B 4England27c.92.857
2021-05-30Virtual-Dixiecon 2021CUPR 1 B 3Germany53ex202710
2021-05-02e-Carnage 2021CUPR 3 B 529France35c.7505
2021-05-02e-Carnage 2021CUPR 2 B 525Italy29c.10506
2021-05-02e-Carnage 2021CUPR 1 B 523Austria13ex11c.11506
2021-01-30Virtual-Cascadia 2021CUPR 2 B 1Austria6 (L)19050.4
2021-01-30Virtual-Cascadia 2021CUPR 1 B 5Russia2 (D4)10c.25.9136
2020-12-31Virtual Diplomacy League 2020R 10 B 3Austria62027
2020-12-31Virtual Diplomacy League 2020R 10 B 4Turkey37c.
2020-12-31Virtual Diplomacy League 2020R 9 B 5Austria22ex11c.
2020-12-31Virtual Diplomacy League 2020R 8 B 4Turkey32ex6c.
2020-12-31Virtual Diplomacy League 2020R 7 B 6Germany52027
2020-12-31Virtual Diplomacy League 2020R 6 B 3Italy27c.
2020-12-31DBN Invitational 2020MASTERSR 4 B 1Austria38c.55
2020-12-31DBN Invitational 2020MASTERSR 3 B 1England14ex6c.52
2020-10-18Virtual-Tempest 2020CUPR 2 B 1France45c.4005
2020-10-18Virtual-Tempest 2020CUPR 1 B 1Germany52ex2c.2502
2020-01-26Cascadia Open 2020CUPR 3 B 252Italy43c.2.88462
2020-01-26Cascadia Open 2020CUPR 2 B 243Russia5 (D6)3c.3.68852
2020-01-26Cascadia Open 2020CUPR 1 B 242Austria22ex (D4)9c.27.1812
2019-09-08DipCon 2019DIPCONR 4 B 1France113c.
2019-09-08DipCon 2019DIPCONR 3 B 1England16ex3c.
2019-09-08DipCon 2019DIPCONR 2 B 5Turkey37c.
2019-09-08DipCon 2019DIPCONR 1 B 6Italy44ex0c.
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019CUPR 3 B 1France4 (L)6c.70
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019CUPR 2 B 2Russia3 (L)7c.80
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019CUPR 1 B 2Germany44ex (L)190710
2019-05-26Dixie 33 2019CUPR 3 B 2France13ex (D3)7c.158
2019-05-26Dixie 33 2019CUPR 2 B 2Austria7 (L)19030
2019-05-26Dixie 33 2019CUPR 1 B 3Russia7 (L)19070
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019CUPR 3 B 2Austria62ex (L)19030
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019CUPR 2 B 2Germany32ex (D5)6c.14.876
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019CUPR 1 B 2Russia1 (D6)11c.45.8333
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018CUPR 3 B 3France719041000
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018CUPR 2 B 3Turkey12ex13c.6513
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018CUPR 1 B 1Austria47c.4007
2018-05-27Dixie 32 2018CUPR 3 B 4Germany15ex (D5)10c.128.8
2018-05-27Dixie 32 2018CUPR 2 B 4England4 (L)4c.50
2018-05-27Dixie 32 2018CUPR 1 B 1Italy62ex (L)19075
2018-01-28Cascadia Open 2018CUPR 2 B 4England34c.3.4188
2018-01-28Cascadia Open 2018CUPR 1 B 2Austria3 (D5)3c.2.21675
2017-09-17Boston Massacre 2017CUPR 3 B 2England1c.7013
2017-09-17Boston Massacre 2017CUPR 2 B 3Turkey1c.7011
2017-09-17Boston Massacre 2017CUPR 1 B 4Italy27exc.0
2017-07-09World DipCon XXVII 2017WDCR 5 B 4Italy27c.18.6
2017-07-09World DipCon XXVII 2017WDCR 3 B 3England45c.12.15
2017-07-09World DipCon XXVII 2017WDCR 2 B 8Austria62ex19060.6
2017-07-09World DipCon XXVII 2017WDCR 1 B 7France52ex19060.6
2017-04-02BADAss Whipping 2017CUPR 3 B 3Turkey7 (L)19050
2017-04-02BADAss Whipping 2017CUPR 2 B 3Austria53ex (L)19030
2017-04-02BADAss Whipping 2017CUPR 1 B 4Germany22ex (D5)8c.25.197
2017-01-29Cascadia Open 2017CUPR 2 B 2Germany22ex (D5)9c.28.9
2017-01-29Cascadia Open 2017CUPR 1 B 1France12ex (D7)8c.27.6
2016-10-09Tempest in a Teapot XVIII 2016CUPR 2 B 3Austria4 (D6)2c.1.25
2016-10-09Tempest in a Teapot XVIII 2016CUPR 1 B 3England13ex (D5)9c.28.929
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 2016WDC/DIPCONR 5 B 5Turkey1 (D4)10c.34.01
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 2016WDC/DIPCONR 4 B 2Italy62ex (L)19060
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 2016WDC/DIPCONR 3 B 9England13ex (D5)9c.28.929
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 2016WDC/DIPCONR 2 B 10Germany53ex (L)19100
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 2016WDC/DIPCONR 1 B 2Russia44ex (L)19110
2016-05-29Dixie 30 2016CUPR 3 B 2Austria52ex (L)5c.35
2016-05-29Dixie 30 2016CUPR 2 B 3Turkey53ex (L)190510
2016-05-29Dixie 30 2016CUPR 1 B 1France13ex (D3)7c.158
2015-11-08Carnage on the mountain 2015CUPR 3 B 3France36c.5006
2015-11-08Carnage on the mountain 2015CUPR 2 B 2Turkey619082000
2015-11-08Carnage on the mountain 2015CUPR 1 B 4Italy52c.3002
2014-10-12Tempest in a Teapot XVI 2014CUPR 3 B 1Turkey36c.10.43
2014-10-12Tempest in a Teapot XVI 2014CUPR 2 B 3Italy22ex7c.19.29
2014-10-12Tempest in a Teapot XVI 2014CUPR 1 B 4Austria47c.17.75
2014-05-25World DipCon XXIV 2014WDCR 4 B 1Turkey5 (L)1c.24
2014-05-25World DipCon XXIV 2014WDCR 3 B 3England6 (L)0c.10
2014-05-25World DipCon XXIV 2014WDCR 2 B 9Austria7 (L)0c.0
2014-05-25World DipCon XXIV 2014WDCR 1 B 9Russia52ex (L)0c.15
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPR 4 B 4Turkey62ex0c.0
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPR 3 B 8Germany53ex0c.0
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPR 1 B 5Italy45c.10
2013-07-07Massacre 2013CUPR 3 B 3France76ex2c.0
2013-07-07Massacre 2013CUPR 2 B 1Russia43ex2c.3002
2013-07-07Massacre 2013CUPR 1 B 2Italy210c.6010
2013-05-26Dixie 27 2013CUPR 3 B 1Germany62ex (L)0c.5
2013-05-26Dixie 27 2013CUPR 2 B 1Italy44ex (L)0c.16
2013-05-26Dixie 27 2013CUPR 1 B 2France4 (L)1c.38
2012-08-19HuskyCon 2012CUPR 3 B 4Germany41c.1
2012-08-19HuskyCon 2012CUPR 2 B 2Austria719020
2012-08-19HuskyCon 2012CUPR 1 B 2Russia76ex3c.0
2011-08-22HuskyCon 2011CUPR 3 B 1Russia42ex2c.2
2011-08-22HuskyCon 2011CUPR 2 B 1Turkey117c.25
2011-08-22HuskyCon 2011CUPR 1 B 3Germany71c.1

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