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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2001-11-01MidCon 2001BirminghamNDC15
2001-10-22New Zealand Championships 2001AucklandNDCBIS 18
2001-10-20London Trophy 2001LondresCUP21
2001-10-14RegnCon 9 2001BergenNDC17
2001-10-07Tempest in a teapot III 2001Laurel, MACUPNAGP 48
2001-10-01Portland Club Game 2 2001PortlandOPENNAGP
2001-10-01TactiCon 2001DenverCUPNAGP 10
2001-10-01VikingCon 2001CopenhagueNDC/CUP30
2001-09-30ACT Championships 2001CanberraCUPBIS 22
2001-09-02Conquest 2001Palo AltoCUPNAGP 32
2001-08-26DragonFlight 2001SeattleCUPNAGP 36
2001-08-26Wellington 2001WellingtonCUPBIS 19
2001-08-19CanCon 2001TorontoCUPNAGP 15
2001-08-19Mind Sports Olympiad 2001South Bank UniversityCUP14
2001-08-12Ropecon 2001EspooCUP
2001-08-05GenCon Milwaukee 2001MilwaukeeCUP
2001-08-01DipFest II 2001CUPNAGP
2001-07-29World DipCon XI 2001ParisWDC118
2001-07-22PTKS Club Game 5 2001WashingtonOPENNAGP 11
2001-07-21New England Club Game 1 2001BostonOPENNAGP 7
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