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Scoring System

Name Author Kind of system
KublaCon 2 Lead SystemEdi Birsan
DipCon 3 1970 Oklahoma CityJeff Key, Eric Just
WackyCon Version 1Jake Mannix
Walker SystemRod Walker
C-Diplo 100Bruno-André GiraudonRank
C-Diplo 73Bruno-André GiraudonRank
C-Diplo 80Rank
C-Diplo ArgirBruno-André Giraudon & Vincent ArcherRank
Conquest Sum of RankingsEdi BirsanRank
DipCon 5Len LakofkaRank
GenCon Country Rank systemUnknownRank
KublaCon Ranking SystemEdi BirsanRank
Voting SystemJon SaulRank
Boston Massacre 2003-07Melissa Call et alCenter Count
C-Diplo 73 DAANZExtension of the C-Diplo 73 with comparison for tournament resultsCenter Count
Cascade 2005J.T. FestCenter Count
CricketKen Spout + Andrew Goff +DAANZ Crass RevisionistCenter Count
Detour 98eBill Brown, John Cain, Tristen Lee from Ken Sproat\'s Detour March1998Center Count
Detour 98fBrandon Clarke revision of Detour 98eCenter Count
KIS ((Keep It Simple))DAANZCenter Count
ManorConCenter Count
OWLS Modified Cricket by ThorinCenter Count
Squares-DAANZJohn Cain 1999Center Count
Calgary ConsensusCalgarian Strategem CouncilDraw
Dragonflight Draw SystemBuz EddyDraw
AvalonCon 1992Jim YerkeyDraw + Center Count
Board Game ChampionshipDon Del GrandeDraw + Center Count
Cruise Con SystemChris MartinDraw + Center Count
DipCon 1993 PacifiConDon DelGrandeDraw + Center Count
DipCon 26Don Del GrandeDraw + Center Count
DipCon 8 Chicago Top BoardGordy AndersonDraw + Center Count
DixieConDavid Hood/Mike LowryDraw + Center Count
Dollar DiplomacyEdi BirsanDraw + Center Count
DundraCon 2005Tom HiltonDraw + Center Count
KublaCon KILL SystemEdi BirsanDraw + Center Count
Origins 1979Mark BerchDraw + Center Count
Origins 1992=>Dan MathiasDraw + Center Count
Tempest 2005Andy MarshallDraw + Center Count
WBC Yerkey SystemJim YerkeyDraw + Center Count
Weasel Moot 2007Jim O\'KelleyDraw + Center Count
Whipping 2006Adam SilvermanDraw + Center Count
Armada/Regetta Declining CentersManus HandDraw
Kinzett Rating SystemNick KinzettDraw
Super PastisEmmanuel du Pontavice & Gwen MaggiWave
Bear Con 1/Russian DipCon 2009Alex LebedevRank + Center Count
Bertie\'s Scoring System (Don 2009)Andrew GoffRank + Center Count
C-Diplo de NamurLei SaarlainenRank + Center Count
C-Diplo de Namur (18centres)Lei Saarlainen, modified by Jacob MadamourRank + Center Count
Origins 1976 Rocamora/BirsanMike Rocamora and Edi BirsanRank + Center Count
Origins 1977 Modified Rocamora/BirsanMike RocamoraRank + Center Count
WDC Victoria 2007Matt Shields/Jake MannixRank + Center Count
Win Tier SystemDave MaletskyRank + Center Count

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